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Joseph Nathan Rodgers

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I will attempt to show why Joseph Nathan Rodgers who died in 1883, Houston County TX, IS NOT the same Joseph Rodgers who came to Hardin County Texas and appeared in Hardin County's 1860 and 1870 census, after which, he disappears from the record. On the previous page, see the census records for Hard Co.

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Ala Marriage Record, 3 Apr 1834, Sumter Co.
Ala Marriage Record, 3 Apr 1834

1850 Census Ala. Sumter Co. Gaston Printer Version
1850 Census, Ala. Sumter Co. Gaston Printer Version

1850 Census, Ala. Sumter Co. Gaston
1850 Census Ala. SumterCo. Gaston

1860 Census TX. Houston Co. Beat 4 Printer Version
1860 Census Tex. Houston Co. Beat 4 Printer Version

1860 Census Tex. Houston Co., Beat 4, Prairie PO
1860 Census Tex. Houston Co. Beat 4, Prairie PO

1870 Census Tex. Houston Co. Pct 3 Printer Version
1870 Census Tex. HoustonCo. Pct3 Printer Version
The record translation states "Colsharp" PO however the actual image does NOT look like "Colsharp" .

1870 Census Tex. Houston Co. Pct3.
1870 Census Tex. HoustonCo. Pct3.
Can't read the PO name

1880 Census Tex. Houston Co. Pct4 Printer Version
1880 Census Tex. Houston Co. Pct4 Printer Version

1880 Census Tex. Houston Co. Pct 4 District 26
1880 Census Tex. Houston Co. Pct 4 District 26


Email from descendant of Joseph Nathan Rodgers via son Joseph Woodard Rodgers (1841 Sumter Co. Ala to 1908 Leon Co. TX)

Your Joseph and Elizabeth Rodgers really got my attention!
Close but not quite the same!
My Joseph Nathan Rodgers was born in SC, lived to marry in Sumter Co Ala before migrating to Eastern Jasper County - got their mail from the Newton Post Office. (two of his daughters married in Jasper Co - one in 1856, the other 1858.
Apparently, Joseph Nathan Rodgers looked for a place to get 'free' land and found it in Houston County then moved onto his grant before 1860 - he is listed on the 1860 Census in Houston County.
Joseph Nathan Rodgers and his 1st wife ELIZABETH Newton had 13 children before she died. He then married ELIZABETH Smith in Houston County and had 8 more children.before he died in 1883.
Several of his children - including my Great Grandfather, Joseph Woodard Rodgers - migrated to Leon County then some further west. - most of them to Limestone County.
My Great Grandfather 'Joe' W. and two brothers settled and died in Leon County. (I was born & raised near Buffalo, Leon County,went to Polk County to work for The Polk County Enterprise (newspaper) in early January 1952, married Polk Co Native Evelyn Townley (the Polk County Enterprise Secretary/Book-keeper) in July 1953. - which explains my interest in Polk County and SE Texas!!!)
I can not say we have no common Rodgers connection - I lost a brother of my Joseph Nathan Rodgers in Jasper County, but strongly believe the brother had a son, 'Shad' Rodgers in SW Tyler Co after the Civil War (can't get much closer to Hardin County than SW Tyler Co!!!)

Melton E. & Evelyn (Townley) Durant
Jacksonville, TX  
email: medurant at gower dot net

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If you are a descendant of this Joseph Rodgers line and would like to comment, offer corrections or additions, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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