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Milvid Tex.

A sort of ghost town since the 1980's, this old lumber mill town had a population of 350 at it's height. Today there are still families in the area, but the old town is gone, and the Miller-Vidor Sawmill & it's railroad yard are no more. 

Article from the Handbook of Texas Online: Milvid, Liberty Co., TX

Death Certificates of people either born in or buried in Milvid: RECORDS
Some of the information is entered below:

Born or lived in Milvid,
died/buried elsewhere

Died in or buried in Milvid

People known to have been born in Milvid due to
statements on Death Certificates

Carl Galmalda Ashley (White)
b. May 25, 1908, Milvid
b. July 7, 1943, Beaumont
s/o Jesse W. Ashley & Willie Bowen
wife: Stella Ashley

Tom Williamson (White)
b. abt 1883, Neal, GA
d. Jan 21, 1923, Milvid
s/o Unkn, body returned
to Neal, GA

L. R. Issacks

Arthur Lee Martin

John Wesley Cleveland (Black)
b. Dec 21, 1911, Milvid
d. Oct 26, 1941, Houston
s/o Jerry Cleveland & Pricilla Thomas

Zema Emanuel (White)
b. Mar 16, 1886, Livingston
d. Aug 21, 1921, Milvid (buried Holly Grove Cem)
s/o W.M. Emanuel & Unkn

H. G. Edgerton

Alex Gongara

Ed Higgens (?)
b. Jan 21, 1912, Milvid
d. July 9, 1935, Trinity
s/o Mathew Higgens & Mernivia Wilson

Male Infant Stewart (Black)
b. Mar 25, 1918, Milvid
d. Mar 25, 1918, Milvid
s/o Sash Stewart & Bessie House


Hugh Gilmer Shannon (White)
b. Oct 19, 1921, Milvid
d Mar 26, 1949, Houston
s/o P. E. Shannon & Gertie Carter

Mitchell Young (White)
b. May 9, 1918, Milvid
d. May 10, 1918, Milvid
s/o Mitchell Young & Emma Holland


Hulen D King (White)
b. Feb 15, 1919, Milvid
d. Feb 28, 1968, Houston (buried in Trinity)
s/o John Franklin King & Angie Lena Foster

Mrs. Dessie Williams (Black)
b 1899, Nacogdoches
d Jan 29,  1927, Pt. Arthur
d/o Sam Davis & Heneretta Mallory
Husband, Willie B. Williams


Earl Jefferson (Black)
b Dec 7, 1913, Milvid
d Jan 13, 1937, Houston
s/o Ellis Jefferson & Pinkie Perkins

Wilmer Humphry (White)
b June 29, 1916, Trinity
d Aug 17, 1916, Milvid
d/o A.C. Humphry & Faucy Hanks


Charlie C. Marshall (White)
b. 1884, Newton Co
d. Sept 18, 1923, Beaumont (Lived in Milvid, buried in Silsbee)
s/o T. O./C. Marshall & M. Vandershire

Mr. P. May (White)
b. abt 1883, Montgomery Co.
d. Aug 7, 1919, Houston
s/o P. May & Laura Metz


Alva Nannie (White)
b. Unkn
d. Nov 27, 1916, Milvid (buried in Saron, TX)
d/o Joe Nannie & Bettie Standley

Frank Salivas (Mexican)
b. Nov 21, 1842, Mexico
d. Aug 23, 1916, Milvid
s/o Ramon Salivas & Fanny Taquale (?)


Noble Victory Graham (White)
b. Jan 18, 1919, Milvid
d. Apr 5, 1972, Houston (lived in Hull, buried in Liberty Co.)
s/o Van Buren Graham & Maggie May
Never married

Myrtle Eldorado Graham (White)
b. Dec 1, 1902
d. July 10, 1916, 8 mi north of Milvid in Polk Co.
d/o W.E. & A.B. Graham


Clifton Hale
b. July 16, 1909, Milvid
d. Dec 11, 1935, Liberty, Liberty Co., TX
(buried in Village Mills)
s/o Joe Hillery Hale & Olive Mae Langston
Married Mary

Lois Musgron (White)
b Oct 2, 1911
d. Nov 25, 1916, Milvid
d/o Foster Musgron & Ellen Richardson


Basil Terrance Tomlinson
b.  Feb. 13, 1923, Milvid
d.  Jul. 5, 2010, Saratoga, Hardin Co., TX
(Buried in Batson, Guedry Cem)
S/o J.R. Tomlinson and Mattie Biddle
Married Ruth___
Founder & President of Basil Oilfield Services of Saratoga
Founder & President of Hardin County Game Preserve Assoc.
Member (of 65 yrs) of Masonic Lodge #914 of Saratoga
Sat on the Board of Directors of Peoples State Bank
and First City Bank of Kountze

Travis Rye (White)
b. Sept 15, 1897,
d. Nov 12, 1924, Conroe
s/o W. Rye & Unkn


Emma Sykes (Black)
b.  abt 1868, Calvert
d. Jun 22, 1927, Silsbee
Parents names unkn, widowed


Francis Shials (White)
b. abt 1893
d. Dec 3, 1911, Milvid
Male Parents names unkn


Addie Grant (Black)
b.  abt 1904
d.  Aug 28, 1908, Milvid
Male - parents names unkn


Samuel Gonzales
b abt 1904
d Aug 27, 1908
Parents names unkn


D.D. Bolden (Black)
b. unkn
d. Sept 8, 1911
Parents unkn

Mrs. Meyers (White)
d. Sept 30, 1911


Hattie McAdams (White)
b. abt 1895
d. Oct 6, 1911

Perditta Watson (White)
b abt 1908
d Jul 5, 1910, Harleton, TX Residence Milvid

Parthinia May (Black)
d. Aug 6, 1908


Nugent Ruris (Mexican)
b. abt 1878
d. July 17, 1908

Irvin J. Johnson (White)
b. abt 1884
d. Sept 15, 1911

b. abt 1882, Native of Austria
d. May 22, 1910
(see headstone & story below)

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Jim Wheat's POSTMASTERS & POST OFFICES OF TEXAS, 1846 - 1930 for Liberty County shows Milvid postmasters from 1907 to Oct 1925, when the post office was closed and mail was sent through Romayor

Below is an old newspaper account of an incident on the train from Silsbee, Hardin Co. to Milvid, Liberty Co. No dates.


Enter content here

John H & son Norvell Thomas, Milvid, Liberty Co.
John H and son Norvell Thomas, Milvid, Liberty Co., Tex. 1912
ca 1912

The above photo was borrowed from the genealogy page of Daniel L. and Patience Hammond Thomas.nter content here

The 1913 post card below was submitted by Jack Langston, written by his grandfather and sent to his grandmother before they married on March 9, 1918, Kountze, Hardin Co., TX

1913 Post card from Milvid, TX
1913 post card from Milvid, Texas
Sent to Nettie Wilkinson in Village Mills, from Pat Langston, her future husband.

Back of Milvid, TX post card, 1913

The following letter was written by Grover Jenkins from Milvid to Jesse Wilkinson, 1912. Since the letter was in the personal papers of Nettie Wilkinson Langston, we believe it to be Jesse James Wilkinson, s/o of David James Wilkinson and Mary Ellen Rogers. This letter was contributed by Nettie's grandson, Jack Langston of Village Mills

Letter from Grover to Jesse

Letter from Grover to Jesse

Letter from Grover to Jesse

Letter from Grover to Jesse

Grover Jenkins, article abt his death in France


Miller Vidor Saw Mill money
Money workers could use in the company store
submitted by Wayne Verdine

Where things were in Milvid in the old days

Mill pond, located today on the Brunson family far
CO RD 2134

Below are images taken Dec 19, 2009 of Milvid. The old town-site is gone, the lumber mill has been replaced with a catfish farm, the train depot is gone and the most regrettable is the Milvid Cemetery is lost. While the cemetery area is still there, fenced off, the headstones are long gone and only depressions in the ground remain.

Further in the woods are remants of the train roundhouse where the engine would be turned around so it could head back out the way it came. We also found several broken grinding stones in the local of the roundhouse, and what use to be the mill pond to float logs and keep them wet.

I want to thank my cousin Jack for going on this hunt with me and Rusty for being our personal tour-guide.

The following photos were taken by me and may not be copied or used in any manner, personal or commercially, public or private, unless I have given permission. Besides, the original jpgs are better than these scaled down versions so just ask.

The train depot once sat on this empty lot
Train Depot Location

The old town-site was in the pasture
Old town-site

The Milvid Cemetery is just inside those woods
Milvid Cemetery

Looking thru the fence to where the cemetery was
Milvid Cemetery, another view

This county road was once a railroad track
CO RD 2145, looking towards Milvid from Hwy 787
Looking towards Milvid from Hwy 787

A closer view of CO RD 2145
County Rd 2145

Train roundhouse foundations, in the Milvid woods













Pieces Of Old Grinding Stones


The following photos were submitted by Murry Hammond of the Texas Transportation Archive.  He photographed these from the original 1910 Peach River issue of the American Lumberman and are part of his personal collection. Please do not use these photos without his permission. 

The Town of Milvid, 1910

Milvid Train Depot

Company Stores

The General Store

The Planing Mill

The Superintendent's Residence


Jacob Stemac
"Story passed down by my husband's grandmother was that Jacob fell out of a tree and as he was dying, he asked to be buried where he died. His grave is all by itself. It is very near where the old Milvid store use to be located." -- Carla Clifton
Carla is the web-mistress for the Liberty County, Texas USGenWeb Project Genealogy site.  She holds the copyright to the photo and story above so please email her for permission to use either, by clicking her name.

If you have any stories or old photos you would like to contribute, or have information of another Texas ghost town not listed, please send an email with the information and/or attachments, including how you would like to be credited to sherry@texashistoryhunter.net
Please put Texas Ghost Towns in the subject line.

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